Exchange Program for Italy

I. P. S. S. A. R. "A. PREVER"
Via Carlo Merlo n. 2 - 10064 PINEROLO
About 40km from Turin, the capital city of the Piemonte region.

About the School

The Italian Sister School program was set up in 2008. The Italian school is a Professional School for Hotel and Catering. The students who attend the school not only learn the core subjects; Maths, History, Geography, Science and so on. These students learn all about the Hotel and Catering business, therefore, all their elective subjects are based on hospitality, eg: Tourism, Restaurant, Sommelier and Cooking.

Italian Exchange to Emmaus

The Italian students come to Emmaus every year at the start of Term 3 for three weeks. The Italian students are hosted by Emmaus families whose child studies Italian, normally Yr 10-11 students are asked to host, but occasionally Yr 12 students also host. During their 3 weeks at Emmaus, the school organises various activities for these students as well as a one week work experience program in a hotel and restaurant.

Trip to Italy/Cultural

The trip to Italy takes place every two years. The trip is aimed to Yr 10 and Yr 11 students. We depart late November, when all exams are completed for a three week trip. The first 10 days our students are placed with Italian families from the Italian school and attend school and lead “The Italian life”. The Italian school organises various excursions for us as well as participating in some of their practical classes, eg: Cooking. We then leave the school and do a quick 10 tour of Italy, visiting the main sites: Venice, Florence, Pisa, Rome, Pompeii and Naples.