Religious Education Program

Religious Education

Religious Education sets out to foster an integration of faith and life.

It does this through:

  • Teaching the faith tradition in a way which contributes to understanding  of life,  of existence
  • Developing a religious literacy ,incorporating a knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the expression of faith particularly in its symbols and rituals.
  • Providing  opportunities for reflection and response in faith.
  • Immersion in to the life of a faith community in such a way that enables the understandings, values and actions flowing from the community’s faith to be   experienced, acted upon and internalised.

The Years 7-10 Religious Education curriculum is developed from To Know, Worship and Love, a Religious Education Curriculum for Catholic School in the Archdiocese of Melbourne. The curriculum is designed so that students can explore, understand and come to know the essential elements of the Christian Tradition. Deep understanding and knowing often comes through experience so while students learn about prayer, reflection, sacramental and liturgical life opportunities to experience these are given to students. The positive commitment and respectful attitude to the Religious Education program of the College is a central part of the enrolment pledge agreed to by both student and parent.

At a VCE level, students have the opportunity to complete a sequence of VCE Accredited Religious Education units  :  Religion and Society  Units 1 – 4,  and or Texts and Traditions Units 1, 3 & 4.