Art - Mixed Media and Print Making


Subject Description

This unit focuses on the areas of Observational Drawing, exploring and creating a functional art piece and Print Making using Dry-Point Etching methods. Art History focuses on the study of the Impressionists, including the analysis of a number of their works of Art. 

Areas of Study

Drawing Folio

Rendering Techniques
Use of variety of mediums
Observations and drawing skills
Line/tone colour

Functional Art
Design to fulfil purpose
Problem solving
Use of appropriate resources
Use of equipment
Printmaking Research for image
Knowledge of techniques
Proof printing; adjusting image quality
Final print
Art History French Impressionists
Understanding aims and themes of styles
Ability to respond to an artwork using appropriate language - art
elements and principles


Curriculum Strands

  • Explore and express ideas 
  • Visual Art practices
  • Present and perform
  • Respond and interpret



  • Drawing Folio
  • Functional Art Piece
  • Practical Examination
  • Semester Examination