Visual Arts

Learning Area: The Arts


Students work a range of project topics using a variety of media and materials. They include a major lettering exercise, the colour wheel, landscape and still-life. Students also work on painting exercises that focus on technical accuracy and colour mixing clarity. A substantial, individual painting follows these exercises. Students also work on mosaic, suitable for use on a front doorway, letterbox or wall. They also complete a recycling task.

Areas of Study

  • Lettering and Drawing
  • Colour mixing 
  • The techniques of painting 
  • Working in 3D 
  • Use of ICT in the Visual Arts 

Working Scientifically

  • Understanding Matter
  • Classification
  • Cells for Life
  • Electric Circuits
  • Mixing and Separating
  • New Generations

VELS Dimensions

Creating and Making
Exploring and Responding


Lettering and Drawing
Mixed Media
Practical Examination
Theory Test