Religious Studies

Religious Education is compulsory in the VCE    

In Year 11 students study Religions Education which will incorporate some VCE study.

Some students will be given the opportunity to study:

Students are required to participate in one of the three day Residential Retreats conducted in September.

In Year 12 all students study Religion and Society Unit 2 or the Catholic Action Unit unless they select Religion and Society 3 & 4 or Texts and Traditions 3 & 4.

Catholic Action Unit - Year 12 

The Catholic Action Unit outlined below is offered to Year 12 students as an alternative to the current Religion and Society Unit 2 - Ethics course.

  • Students considering this unit need to be aware of the following:
  • The unit is a college based unit and not a VCAA accredited unit.
  • Students will need to demonstrate their suitability to undertake this unit through written application and an interview.
  • Students will need to be proactive in finding a suitable placement for their outreach activity.


The beliefs, values and ethics of the Catholic faith can be studied academically but putting into action the beliefs, values and ethics is not only educationally sound but a key component of the Catholic tradition.

In offering the Catholic Action Unit students at Year 12 would be afforded the opportunity to combine the theory of faith with the action of faith. 

The unit is designed to enable students to :

  • understand the interplay between the theory of the faith tradition and practice of the faith.
  • be involved in an outreach program, the practice of faith
  • reflect on personal faith journey informed by practice through outreach activities.

The Catholic Action Unit is offered at Year 12 as alternative to the Religion and Society Unit 2. Students who have completed Religion and Society Unit 3 and 4 in Year 11 or students who participated in some outreach activities in previous years would be ideally suited for this unit.

Students would spend some time in class reflecting upon and discussing issues related to outreach activities with the remainder of the time being involved in the selected outreach activity. It is anticipated that the equivalent of two periods a week be spent in outreach activities and or in class.

Students selecting this unit would be expected to be active in finding appropriate outreach activities. Such activities could be within the College or in the wider community. 

Assessment & Reporting 

Satisfactory Completion 

The award of satisfactory completion for this unit is based on a decision that the student has satisfactory completed the knowledge and skills outlined in the Area of Study. This decision will be based on the student’s completion of a written journal demonstrating the knowledge and skills of the unit.

A written descriptive assessment of the student’s participation in the outreach and completion of the journal will be reported to the student and parents. 

Area of Study : Theory into Action  

This area of study requires the involvement in an outreach activity or activities and personal reflection on that involvement.  

Key Knowledge 

This knowledge includes:

  • The impact on a person’s faith journey through involvement in outreach activities including reinterpretation, change and growth in the faith of an individual.
  • The way a person may respond to new challenges and experiences.

Key Skills

  These skills include the ability to:

  • Select and commit to an outreach activity or activities.
  • Reflect and write on the outreach experience in the light of theory.
  • Reflect and write on the outreach experience in the context of personal faith, growth and life.  

School Based Unit  

The Catholic Action Unit is a College based unit and while satisfactory completion of the course is required by the College the unit does not count towards the student’s V.C.E unit aggregate or enter score.