Visual Design Communication - Interior Design


Subject description

This unit focuses on Interior Design and Drawing. Students work on a series of project topics that have a technical component as the core challenge. The topics range through orthogonal, paraline or perspective drawing systems. Each drawing requires the student to interchange information between the drawing systems and some of the work also asks for a creative response in the process. Students also worked on a series of creative graphic exercises using a range of media and material. The design and layout of two-dimensional graphics and the production of logos is included in the Folio.

•               Isometric and Orthogonal Drawing

•               Rendering Exercises

•               Perspective Drawing

•               Advertising Design

•               Computer Assisted Design used in most projects

Sketchbook - Collected ideas, sketches and annotations completed for each unit of work during the Semester is a major part of assessment


VELS Dimension

Creating and making

The Creating and making dimension focuses on ideas, skills, techniques, processes, performances and presentations. Creating and making arts works involves imagination and experimentation; planning; the application of arts elements, principles and/or conventions; skills, techniques and processes; media, materials, equipment and technologies; reflection; and refinement. Individually and collaboratively, students explore their own works and works by other artists working in different historic and cultural contexts.

Exploring and responding

The Exploring and responding dimension focuses on context, interpreting and responding, criticism and aesthetics. It involves students analysing and developing understanding about their own and other people’s work and expressing personal and informed judgments of arts works. Involvement in evaluating meaning, ideas and/or content in finished products is integral to engagement in the Arts. 


  • Completed units of work
  • Visual Diary/Sketchbook
  • Semester Examination