Health and Fitness

Health and Fitness

Learning Area

Health & Physical Education

Subject Description

This subject is specifically designed for those students who want to pursue a path in health or physical education. However, if you are thinking about selecting Health and Human Development or Physical Education in VCE then this subject would be the one for you.

Physical activity, sport and recreation are an important part in the lives of people in Australia. Students will experience a variety of physical activities both on and off campus. Students will look at the components of fitness, training methods and principles to gain a better understanding of how to improve an athlete’s performance in their chosen sport. This fitness unit will culminate in each student designing a 21 day training program. The various components of health are discussed and how they impact on each other. Students will also look at health promotion and the influence social media has on the health of individuals. Leading causes of death and life expectancy rates are also part of the health unit.

Areas of Study

  • Understanding Fitness
  • Skill Acquisition
  • Understanding Health   


VELS Dimensions

Movement and Physical Activity

Health Knowledge and Promotion



Laboratory Reports

Games Analysis


School Based Practical Performance

Semester Examination