Learning Area: Humanities

Subject Description 

Plate tectonics and Landforms focuses on investigating the characteristics of the natural environment from a global perspective to a more local level. The interaction between people and the environment are explored to determine the extent to which human activity has influenced the changes to this natural environment. An investigation into seismic activity, specifically volcanic and earthquake events is explored using studies drawn from the Asia-Pacific region.

Geographies of Human Wellbeing focuses on investigating global, national and local differences in human wellbeing between places. This unit examines the different concepts and measures of human wellbeing, and the causes of global differences in these measures between countries. Students explore spatial differences in wellbeing within and between countries, and evaluate the differences from a variety of perspectives. They explore programs designed to reduce the gap between differences in wellbeing. These distinctive aspects of human wellbeing are investigated using studies drawn from Australia, India and across the world as appropriate.


  • Geographical concepts and skills   
  • Geographical knowledge



  • Plate tectonics test  
  • Fieldwork  
  • Demographics research task  
  • Semester examination