Italian A & B

Learning Area: Languages

Subject Description  

The learning of a language nurtures reflective, deep and creative thinking in specific ways. It allows students to cultivate culturally distinctive fields of knowledge, and stimulates their awareness of intellectual functioning. In Year 10 Italian, students will continue to explore topics and themes presented in the Parliamo Italiano Insieme 2 Textbook. Students consolidate and enhance their linguistic knowledge by learning new vocabulary and grammar and by demonstrating their understanding of topics, through various assessment items. In Year 10 Italian, students will be using various ICT skills to produce work and teachers also will present topics to students using various teaching tools which are enjoyable and engaging for both teacher and student. Emphasis is further placed on extending students aural and oral skills.       

Areas of Study  

  • Travel
  • Social Media and the Internet
  • Daily Routine
  • Work and Future Career
  • Fashion and Trends
  • Immigration


Curriculum Strands  

  • Communicating  
  • Understanding  



  • Listening Comprehension Tasks  
  • Speaking Tasks  
  • Reading Comprehension Tasks  
  • Writing Tasks  
  • Semester Examination