Year 11 Seminar Day / Parent Forum

22 June 2017

The Year 11 Seminar Day will be held on Thursday 22 June in the BHPAC.

Attendance is compulsary and students may wear neat, casual and appropriate clothing, bearing in mind that this is a school day and choices in clothing need to reflect this.



The day is being conducted by David and Katie Kobler from Yourchoicez and explores questions related to forming relationships, media and marketing impact, poor relationship and decision-making, the impact of pornography and more.

On the Seminar Day the students are divided along gender lines, with the girls working with Katie and the boys with David. The format for the day is input from Katie and David to their respective audiences, then small group discussion sessions.

In addition to the day for the students, the Parent Forum on the previous evening of Wednesday, 21 June will be devoted primarily to Year 11 parents who would like to know more about the seminar day. A flyer outlining some information regarding this is attached. All Year 11 parents are welcome to attend. The evening will commence at 7.30pm and will be held in the BHPAC.

I hope that you will be able to attend. As you are aware, growing up can be challenging at the best of times and we hope that the time given to activities of this nature will better equip your sons and daughters to manage the challenges ahead of them as they move into the wider world.

Parent Forum 21 June 2017 - Information