Day of Action for Children First

28 April 2017



On Friday 28 April, Emmaus will have their annual "Day of Action" where all in our community will seek to raise as much as possible in one day to support children from the CHILDREN FIRST Foundation who require surgery that they cannot get in their own country. This surgery makes a huge difference to their quality of life.

On Friday, we ask that all members of the Emmaus community donate a minimum of $5 each for the privilege of wearing casual dress on this day. Student Leaders will also be cooking a BBQ at lunchtime with all proceeds going as well to Children First.

This year, we are sponsoring two boys from Papua New Guinea - Trohpimus and Daniel. Trophimus is 16 and Daniel 15.

Trophimus Oembrari will be 16 in June.  His left leg is 10 cm shorter than the right, caused by a condition called Tuberculous Osteoarthritis.  He received treatment for TB when he was younger and was approved to travel to Australia.

Assoc Prof Leo Donnan accepted his case, describing his hip as ‘destroyed’ - how terrible for a child so young.   Apparently TB is rife in Papua New Guinea which is a terrible thing for a country so close to us.  Professor Leo tells us the normal way children with this are managed is with a pelvic support osteotomy and correction and lengthening of the thigh bone.  He may or may not need external ?xators. Leo will involve an infectious diseases physician in the management of his case.  

Trophimus was referred to Children First by a group called No Roads – Health.  They take medical teams to PNG, providing treatment in country where possible and they refer kids needing surgery to the foundation. This means that Children First have an existing ‘escort service’ – bringing them to the foundation and then taking them home.  Trophimus came to Children First with another boy, Daniel, with the same condition, a year younger.  Emmaus is going to support both boys.  This will be some support while in Australia and air fares home.  Leo will operate on both and treatment will take between 8-12 months.  Trophimus had his operation on Saturday, 1 April and Daniel on 13 May.