Debutante Ball Information Evening

7 May 2018


Debutante Balls have been part of the Emmaus College calendar since 1990 and that tradition will continue this year.

On Monday 7 May there will be an Information Evening to outline details for this year’s Debutante Balls. The information evening will begin at 7.00pm in the Galilee Centre Lecture Theatre and conclude by 8.00pm.

At the Information session we will be presenting details relating to:

 - Debutante and Partner estimated costs
 - Online requirements for Booking seats & purchasing tickets
 - Debutante and Partner expectations

The opportunity to ask questions and address any concerns relating to the process will also be possible during this session.

Some of the details for this year’s event are outlined below.  


Saturday, 25 August – Group 1

Saturday, 1 September – Group 2

Groups have been determined by students in consultation with parents relating to best availability.


The venue will be The Grand on Cathies Lane, Wantirna.


The Debutante sets will be trained by Gayle and Andrew Elliott, who are experienced in the training of Debutantes at a number of schools and have trained our students for the past eight years. Dancing Classes will be held in the Tony Frizza Stadium at the Vermont South Campus on the following dates:

Thursday, 26 July                                     3.30 – 5.00

Sunday 29 July                                         5.00 – 6.30

Sunday 5 August                                      5.00 – 6.30

Thursday 9 August                                   3.30 – 5.00

Sunday 12 August                                    5.00 – 6.30

Thursday 16 August                                 3.30 – 5.00

Sunday 19 August                                    5.00 – 6.30

Thursday 22 August                                 3.30 – 5.00

In the week of the Debutante presentation there will be another training session after school at
The Grand on Cathies Lane:

Monday 20 August (Group 1)                 5.30 – 7.00

Monday 27 August (Group 2)                 5.30 – 7.00


Debutante Balls are official College activities, and as such, are conducted under certain conditions.  These conditions are based on many years of experience to ensure the success of these important evenings, and are not open to negotiation.  These include:

  • No after parties are to be arranged, held or attended by those taking part.
  • All partners are to be current Emmaus College students.  This is a College event, not a community event, and is conducted as much for our boys as for our girls.
  • Guests are to be limited to family members, with families being expected to take responsibility for those at their table.
  • All partners and guests are to behave in a manner consistent with a formal College event.
  • The ticket price does not include alcoholic beverages, which may be purchased separately at the function.  Alcohol will not be served to those who cannot give proof of being over 18 years of age.  Students of the College are not permitted to consume alcohol at the Debutante Balls.
  • The debutante presentation is a very formal part of the evening, and it is an expectation that appreciation for the debutantes and partners be shown in an appropriate manner.  Applause is the acceptable form of appreciation, with whistling and shouting having no place at a formal function of this type.
  • Students involved in the Debutante Set will attend all rehearsals, behave in an appropriate manner and co-operate with the instructors and other students.  The College reserves the right to cancel the involvement of any student who does not attend rehearsals regularly, or whose behaviour is deemed inappropriate.
  • All students are expected to conform to the dress codes which are established.


Participation in the Debutante Ball is dependent upon the acceptance of, and adherence to, all of the above conditions.

If you have any queries, please contact your child’s House Leader:

Chavoin            Mrs Patricia Shaw         (9845 3270)

Colin                Ms Ann Hyland             (9845 3321)

More                Mr Boyle                       (9845 3217)

Rice                  Mrs Teresa Talia           (9845 3229)

We look forward to seeing you on Monday evening 7 May at 7.00pm.