Our School
Student Guidelines

Emmaus College has in place rules, guidelines and policies to promote the effective working of the College and the effective learning by students within a safe, well organised, structured and supportive environment. Each student is issued with an App (App4Students) each year. Contained within this App is important behavioural expectations and College rules.

College Rules

The College Rules relate to the correct behaviour expected of all students at all times. These rules include wearing of Correct Uniform, College Bounds, Attendance, Lateness, Legal and Illegal Substances, Hair, Makeup and Jewellery, Damages and Breakages, Use of Classrooms and Buildings and Use of Mobile Phones.

Homework and Home Study Policy

Homework and Home Study are designed to extend the learning and application of skills and concepts taught in the classroom. It also gives students the opportunity to improve their understanding, encourages goal setting, self discipline, initiative and the development of self learning skills. The policy addresses the responsibilities of staff, students and parents, nature of homework and home study tasks and time allocation.

Technology Code of Ethics and Rules

Students are required to read, sign and abide by a code of ethics and rules for technology. The "Code of Ethics" covers the use of equipment, copyright, privacy and information storage. The "Rules for Technology Users" covers Internet access, offensive material, transmission of prohibited material and vandalism or intentional modification of the system.

Uniform Requirements

Within the App4Students, the Uniform Requirements are clearly stated. It is required that all students wear the correct College uniform at all times including travelling to and from the College, during sport and for elective subjects such as drama and dance.

‘Working Together’ Policy

Emmaus College values students acquiring the personal qualities needed to lead satisfying lives and to contribute effectively to the well-being of the community. It is necessary for pupils and staff to understand that actions which are contrary to College rules, uniform requirements and behavioural expectations will carry certain consequences. The 'Working Together’ policy deals with the procedures to be followed when members of the student body fail to meet those expectations. The consequences which result from particular misbehaviours will be clearly stated, automatic and consistently applied across the whole school.

Dealing with Harassment - 'A Fair Go For All'

Emmaus College aims to provide a curriculum which, in content and language addresses a society characterised by the diversity of values and wide ranging cultural, social, economic and technological change. As a Co-educational College, Emmaus has always been committed to equal opportunity for boys and girls alike. The Anti-Harassment Policy addresses bullying and sexual and racial harassment and ensures the right of all members of the College community to be treated fairly and to feel safe and secure. A booklet "A Fair Go For All" outlining College approaches is provided to students each year.

Drug Education and Support

Emmaus College has established a drug policy in recognition of an existing community drug problem, which the school is willing to confront in partnership with parents, students, staff and other responsible caring agencies. Emmaus College believes it has a responsibility to provide students with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about drug use or non-use. The drug policy includes harm minimisation, storage and use of medicines, dealing with drug misuse, parent participation, teaching and learning strategies, intervention and sanctions.

A range of other policies are available from the College on request